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Engaging in the Passionate Pursuit to be a God-Worshiper


[This post is an excerpt from the final lesson (#10) of my book, Worship and the Word, in a monthly series that I do for Click here or at the end of this preview to read the entire post on their site.]

We are called to live a life that is wholly and continually engaged in the passionate pursuit to be God-worshipers.

And the only way we successfully stay engaged in this pursuit is by praying as the psalmist wisely prayed, “Establish Your word to Your servant, as that which produces reverence for you” (Psalm 119:38). We need to constantly nurture the soil of our hearts with regular time in His Word, time in His presence, and time worshiping the God who continues to reveal Himself to us. Then His truth will grow deeper roots into our souls, and we’ll be much more able to endure the constant noise and distractions, both great and small, that this world constantly throws our way and that threaten our growing devotion to God.

And those distractions might be good things – even ministry-related things. Anytime we place anything, good or not, in a higher position of priority above worshiping Jesus Christ, we make it the god, robbing Him of the glory that He alone deserves. The result is that we then rob ourselves of the rich, growing relationship with God that we were created to have.

Read these Biblical stories to see beyond any doubt how passionately God feels about His call to us to be His faithful, exclusive worshipers! READ the rest of this post here . . . !

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