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Yielding it All to God in Worship

The Bible calls worshipers to not only have bowed hearts and minds, but to have a posture that is yielded to the Holy Spirit and that engages our entire being before God.

Studying worship throughout the Bible, I don’t think it takes long to realize that there is absolutely nothing passive about the act of worship. Nothing. But you wouldn’t know that to observe many “worship” services in Christian churches today.

The Hebrew and Greek words translated worship or praise throughout the Bible are very active words. A few are:halal – to worship exuberantly or in an unbridled manner shachah – to bow down before yadah – to extend the hand to God 
proskuneo – to bow and kiss Let’s unpack a few topics involving in our posture before God in worship, see what the Bible has to say, and find some foundational truths to stand on.

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This post is an excerpt from Lesson 9 – The POSTURE for Worship, from my Bible study, Worship and the Word.

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