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It’s a good time to find out what you’ve missed!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

I’m about to leave to help our daughter and son-in-law take their 2-month-old twins back to Jamaica where they are missionaries at the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf.

My and John's trip to visit Ben and Krista at the Jamaica Deaf Village in 2012.

My and John’s trip to visit Ben and Krista at the Jamaica Deaf Village in 2012.

Clara and Graham

I’ll be gone for 3 weeks, and my primary job will be to help them move and get settled into a better-suited home for their new family of four at the Jamaica Deaf Village in Mandeville where they’ve lived for the past 3 years. (Nope, nowhere near the ocean. And not even near any AC!)


But this is good news for you! Most of my subscribers haven’t been around for the duration of this blog, so you’ve missed out on a lot of stuff! It’s catch-up time! So please take the opportunity over the next several weeks to get more familiar with my blog site, and check out the posts you’ve missed out on.

In fact, I’ll give you some suggestions for some places to start. Here are some older posts that I think most of you might have missed and would enjoy. (Or just go digging through the archives!)

Or look over all of the past 5-Day Worship Challenges to see what you may want to try this month to further develop your personal time of worship.

I also want to mention that the award that my book, Worship and the Word, won from Worship Leader Magazine as one of the Best of the Best of 2014 has led to a wonderful partnership with them. My book (and blog) isn’t definitely not just for worship leaders at all. But worship leaders are always looking for tools to help their teams and congregations to grow in their biblical understanding of worship. And to this end, Worship Leader Magazine is offering a free eBook of my book to all 20,000 of their subscribers – and any other of their additional 100,000 readership who want to subscribe!

I am blown away by this opportunity to get my book into the hands of others who are passionate about helping people worship our amazing God! This is nothing I sought after at all, but something that God has done in answer to my prayers for Him to expand the reach and influence of my book – for His glory. I am so very humbled by all of this. And very excited to see what He might do next!

So check with your church’s worship leader to see if he’s connected with Worship Leader Magazine and has gotten his free eBook of Worship and the Word! If he’s not, send him/her here to my blog to check it out!

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. I look forward to connecting with you again very soon!

Many blessings as we celebrate our risen Savior! Pam

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Worship Leader Magazine awarded Worship and the Word as one of the “Best of 2014” books!

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