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Seeking and Savoring

“Pamela Haddix loves and walks with God. You will sense it in every one of the fifty-two chapters. Through Seeking and Savoring, Pam helps us keep our walk with God present tense. Read each chapter slowly. Don’t hurry through it. Listen for the voice of God as you read. If you do, you will emerge at the end of this devotional with a deeper heart of worship and an unforeseen life of joy.”
—DAN WEBSTER, Founder of Authentic Leadership, Inc.

“The daily devotions Pamela has sculpted in Seeking and Savoring will help you marinate in critical biblical insight and will guide you in spiritual practices that will transform your personal daily worship from just ‘having a quiet time’ to interacting with the presence of the LORD Himself. Clear. Practical. Insightful. Inspiring. Fresh. All these dynamics and more will energize your daily times spent with the LORD. This book is important.”
—REV. DR. BYRON SPRADLIN, President, Artists in Christian Testimony International

"I have loved every page of this devotional. Biblical Worship is a topic I come back to time and time again looking to explore the depths and come away feeling refreshed with new perspective. I feel like I gained all of that and more by reading this book. Pam writes with such an authentic and joy-filled tone. The way she pulls from personal experiences makes me feel like I’m sitting across from a mentor, face to face, over a good cup of coffee. In this odd season of socially distant life, this book has refreshed my soul in countless ways! I recommend this book to anyone looking to study worship or to just go deeper in their walk with The Lord. Ps, Pam includes an appendix filled with titles, names, and descriptions of God and I have found that to be a hidden gem worth the price of the book alone! This is really jam-packed full of goodness. Don’t just buy one copy- buy several to give to friends, too!

—MOLLY FINNEGAN, Worshiper (Amazon)

“Another great book by Pamela Haddix! Seeking and Savoring is filled with practical, Scripture-saturated ways to draw near to Christ. I especially enjoyed the “Reflect” and “Respond” prompts at the end of each chapter. As a worship leader, I’m always eager to find books to help me grow. Haddix’s first book has been a favorite. This one is right there with it!”  

—BRENTON, Worship Pastor (Amazon)

“Pam gets it. She knows Jesus. What a blessing she is. Seeking and Savoring really ministered to me and has changed how I spend time with Jesus. Because of this book, I now worship Him before I launch into any prayers or discussion. It just seems appropriate to do that because He is so worthy, and yet until I read Seeking and Savoring, it never occurred to me to do this. He’s not there for us to dump our requests on. He already knows what they are anyway. He’s a Person who deserves our undivided time and love, and Pam’s book takes the reader to another realm of devotion to our glorious King. Thank you, Pam, for your obedience to write this wonderful book. I know many people will be blessed by this book, as I am.”  


Seeking and Savoring finds me right where I am, every day. No matter what hinderances I have in seeking God, they’re quickly swept away in each opening paragraph. Pamela Haddix has a way of bringing Heaven to earth and reminding us of the transparency, vulnerability, and accessibility of our Loving God. This is one I’ll come back to again and again.”  

—TIMLICKER, Worshiper (Amazon)

"From the very beginning, Pam Haddix's devotional Seeking and Savoring is catalyst for a reflective and deep devotional time with God. Pam coached me from colorless thoughts of worship to vibrant contemplation of God’s goodness. The space given for reflection and prayer at the end of each devotion lead me to a personal encounter with God."

—STACEY JEANNETT, Worshiper (Amazon)

"I love this book, it is something you can use over and over, and not tire of. It’s not a grab-and-go. It aids you in meditation on the right things. It’ll help you quiet your mind.

You can read through it quickly if you want to, to get a nugget for the morning or evening...or a word to last the whole day, something to chew on.

You can also spend and hour our so on each chapters, meditating on what Pam has written, digger deeper into your heart. It also turns us back to the Lord, so we don't stay in some introspective state.

I love Pam's transparency in writing this book. I love that she shares her heart. It's not a doctrinal type book on worship. YET it she always brings us back to The Word, Truth.

Some people think of worship as singing only, the beginning of a church service before the sermon. This book will guide you in personal worship and adoration, of the majestic God to whom we belong. It teaches us how worship is so much more than that.

One of the things I love the most is the way The Word changes our focus to our great, promise-keeping, powerful, intimate, holy and loving God and LISTENING to Him, from only leaving our requests with Him and going on about our days untransformed. Pam brings this out.

This will help you to bask in His presence. It’s guides you in mindful meditation that is so important in our world today."

—READINGSWIMMER, Worshiper (Amazon)

Worship and the Word

"Worship and the Word is an awesome study that oozes with rock solid theology and incredibly practical application. It will challenge you to your core. It will move you from singing songs of the faith to seeking, seeing, knowing and lifting personally the God of the faith. The insights, studies, and questions have the power to move your heart and mind to authentic worship. Pam is a veteran worshiper whose life radiates the truth of this study. Engage the principles Pam shares and you will offer God purer personal worship."
—DAN WEBSTER, Founder, Authentic Leadership, Inc.

"Pamela Haddix has written a thorough study that’s guaranteed to deepen your passion for worship. If you’re looking for a book to go through with your small group or worship team, be sure to check out Worship and the Word."   —RORY NOLAND, Director, Heart of the Artist Ministries

"As a Worship Pastor I've read quite a few books on worship. None are more saturated with Scripture than Worship And The Word. In a time where many of our worship practices are influenced more by culture than by the Word of God this book couldn't be more timely. My copy is littered with highlights and I'm sure yours will be too!"

—BRENTON, Worship Pastor (Amazon)

"I work with churches, pastors, and some worship pastors as a consultant, coach, and church health specialist. One of the crucial areas if not the most important area is developing a working definition of worship and showing how that “fleshes itself out” through the Scripture. Pamela Haddix effectively accomplishes these goals in her book, Worship and the Word. For this reason I have recommended and will continue to recommend this study/work book to pastors, worship pastors, leaders, and individuals in churches.


In the first chapter, Haddix’s brief study of the Hebrew and Greek words (verbs) used for worship is very beneficial. She communicates clearly and practically the sense of each word and how each adds to the overall meaning of worship. Moreover, every chapter in the book is presented in a well-organized manner and includes a discussion backed by several appropriate Scripture references. Each chapter concludes with life-application exercises for reader or group interaction.

As a pastor and consultant to pastors and ministry leaders I highly recommend this book to be used in different venues."   —DWIGHT HUNT, Pastor Consultant and Church Health Specialist (Amazon)

"I thoroughly enjoyed Worship and the Word. It is a well organized, thoroughly supported and spirit-filled journey to remind us why we are called to worship. While I’ve been passionate about worship for a long time, and on occasion even help lead worship for our church, I felt this was a great study to remind me of why worship is so powerful and vital to our lives.

And for those that think that this would only be good for “worship leaders”, I would challenge that. In fact, I think it is a great study for any group with questions or desires to understand worship better. I am planning on leading my small group, none of whom participate in leading worship, through this study and can’t wait to see how they respond to the truth in this book. It is very different from the studies that we normally choose and would never be a topic they would suggest, but I am confident it will impact all of them for a long time to come."

—CHRIS REED, Worshiper (Amazon)

"I love this book!! It has ministered to my heart and taught me a lot about what real praise is ~ Thank you Pamela for writing this and being used of the LORD to bless so many and guide us in what real praise looks like!!


I became a believer when I was 18 and have been in full time ministry for 40 years, and it has been a long time since I have read a book (other than the Bible) that gets right to the heart of what we are created for and how we can deepen our walk with the Lord Jesus!!"

—LAURIE BRAST, Worshiper, Ministry (Amazon)

"I led a small group through this study and it blessed everyone involved. The questions at the end of each session provided opportunities for dialogue. This study is easy to use and adapt to any level of worshipper. You can tell the author is speaking from a place of experience and encounter. She isn't just suggesting what could be or referencing what others have experienced, she is using her personal life. She provides examples in the Word. This is a well-rounded study perfect for discipleship and/or small groups. I've recommended this study to our worship pastor and worship teams. Highly recommend!! You won't regret it!"

—JON CURTIS, Worshiper (Amazon)

"Pamela Haddix is spot on when it comes to providing Biblical background and support for what she has inspirationally created. Through Biblical examples and the Word of God, she challenges us to seek the Person of God (It's not about us and what we want, but who He is), what our Position is in Him, our Purpose for worshiping Him, about His Presence and Power and where our Place and Posture should be toward Him.

For those of us who have become lukewarm, have forgotten God's awesome omniscience or how to discover who God is, Haddix has wonderfully prepared both the Truth of Scripture and chapter ending challenges to engage our hearts toward a life changing journey. Her appendix that lists the names, titles and descriptions of God including an Endnotes section that identifies additional author resources provides an outstanding and complete study of God and how we are to worship Him.

In what we're seeing and experiencing in the world today with all its chaos and uncertainties, this excellent worship resource and study of who God really is and how we can respond with reverence and awe to Him in prayerful conversation (He will never leave us or forsake us) is a must for churches, Bible study groups, schools and individuals today--right NOW!"

—BRUCE TICHENOR, Worshiper (Amazon)

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