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Worship and the Word LAUNCH TIME!!

I am excited to finally announce the LAUNCH of my NEW BOOK, Worship and the Word!

This is a day I’ve only dared to imagine for over 10 years – but it’s really happening now! Wow!

Worship and the Word is the culmination of 10+ years of my following God into the unknown (to me) realm of writing. What’s in this book changed my life. And I sincerely think it can change the lives of others, too. NOT because I wrote it. Goodness, no. But because there is so much from the “living and active” Word of God in it that has the power to move and transform the lives of those who will allow it. And I’m just completely psyched about that!

So this isn’t just about a book for me. It’s far, far more. It’s about my dream of watching people come together in a striving to grow as God worshipers. It’s about choosing to kick the status quo, mouthing-words worship aside and saying, Enough! And it’s about watching lives – and maybe even churches –  change as God brings about a holy transformation as hearts and knees are bowed before Him. After all, worship was His ultimate goal in His creating us – and in His seeking and saving us! So the best part is obviously the end result – GOD will be GLORIFIED! Yes!

Join me on the worship  journey right now by purchasing Worship and the Word either on my right sidebar (where you’ll find all eBook forms, too) or on here. And follow my blog so we can strive, grow, and share in this most important pursuit together.

So who’s with me? Who wants to join me on this truly transforming worship journey?

For a more in depth look at what the Bible teaches about worship, check out Worship and the Word or purchase it here!

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