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“Worship and the Word” named one of the “Best of 2014” by Worship Leader Magazine

Updated: Sep 22, 2023


I’m so excited to announce that Worship Leader Magazine recently awarded Worship and the Word as one of the “Best of 2014” books!

This list appears annually in their November/December issue and is highly-anticipated by worship and ministry leaders from around the world.

Worship Leader Magazine states, “This issue is filled with our editorial picks for the best of worship resources. The products that are presented here are intended to help you guide your community to the presence of God. They will enrich your ministry. Yes, we are shining a light on some amazing resources. But our ultimate goal is the same as it has always been: shine a light on what we believe will help you to shine a light on the only One who matters – God in three persons, the blessed Trinity.”

I am totally thrilled and completely humbled to have Worship and the Word included amongst this prestigious list of books and authors. My passion from the beginning has been that this book would be used as a tool to help open eyes and awaken hearts to God’s plan for us as His worshipers. I couldn’t have written a book long enough to contain all that God really deserves or all that He pours out on us as we truly humble ourselves before Him. Our God is unsearchable – so I am still learning! But the pages of Worship and the Word are filled with powerful truths from the Bible that didn’t just change my worship – they changed my life!

So join me in praying that God will continue to use Worship and the Word to bless many more lives with the Biblical truths, insights, and applications about worshiping our great God that first blessed me. Together we can invite people from across the globe on this incomparable journey of passionately pursuing the Lord God Almighty in worship. “The humble privilege is beyond comprehension – the intimate reward exceeds description. It’s the deepest hunger of your soul. And it’s a taste of glorious eternity here on earth.” ~ Worship and the Word, page 117.

Thank you so much for your encouragement, support, and for being on this worship journey with me! AND thanks for being here to celebrate His favor. He alone is worthy!

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Worship Leader Magazine awarded Worship and the Word as one of the “Best of 2014” books!

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